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The Wright "B" Flyer in front of new hangar

pilot view
Over hangar at Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport

"From a dream to reality"

The Wright B Flyer (WBF) began in the minds of several persons in late 1973 as a project to celebrate the country's bicentennial. As the early WBF members searched the Dayton area for remenants of the Wright Brothers they found that it would be necessary to travel to Detroit, Michigan to see something on the Wright Brothers. With this gap in Dayton's history an idea emerged.

The group decided to build a flying replica of the first production airplane ever built, The Wright Brothers "B" Model Airplane. The result as you see in the picture on the left is a fully operational flying replica that closely resembles the original Wright "B" Model that flew over Huffman Prairie in 1911.

The project was begun and lasted the better part of 8 years with the involvement of hundreds of volunteers putting in thousands of hours. Many organizations have contributed funds materials, and services to the development of The Wright "B" Flyer. There are hundreds of members that assist the WBF.

The Wright "B" makes several appearances at air shows and ceremonies and has been a fixture at the Dayton International Air and Trade Show since 1983.

The Wright "B" Flyer is hangared at The Dayton Wright Brothers Airport located near Springboro Ohio. Orientation rides are available during normal hours of operation.

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